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Alchemists of Space  

We believe everyone can enhance their experiences through design. As a tech-driven, passionate and multicultural-influenced company, we're building  space-beauty-processes that will allured humans with grace and charm

Call me maybe


Composing to the Beat of our Roots

Maple, Oak Ash and Elm, rhyme indeed

and are always present in our moods



Learn to fly

a gig in the sky

and as you going deep down inside, you find the rough, the odd,

you find the Truth that keeps you aligned

Natural Reserve Jocotoco, Pifo - Ecuador I SOUTH AMERICA I


For You

Everyone needs to find that ONE THING which can 

embody many forms, but it needs to be yours,

most important, it has to make your heart dance

Light your fire


Architectural Design

The Inner

Interior Design 


B2B Business Program, for technology and overseas market exchange. If you're a producer of fair-trade & sustainable products, or if you're planning on market-disrupt-innovation we want to meet you

50,000+ visitors can't be wrong.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Ajman I United Arab Emirates I

2021, Collab Design Project

Ajman, United Arab Emirates I Eastern Europe I

Design Abroad. Global Altered

Join us and let us show you how we can contribute achieving your projects' goals


the process with Calmness and let the Nature and Seasons

Flow and get the job done

Our guests' smiles, enhance performance